Sept. 11, 1880 Homestead - colorized by Jo




The Genealogical Projects of Jo A. Petit
 Most Historical research work is presented in a database form with more abbrievations and references than a scientific paper published for a college contains. It is boring and hard to get through for someone who would just like to know a little more about the family! I have tried to lay out each project more as a story rather than a database of my finds (which I still, even after all these years, jump for joy every time I find another piece of a puzzle - mine, distant family, a friends, place or property - Love them all).

Each page is password protected. If you believe you are family of Jo or Brian or would like to request historical research on your project. Use the the following link to Contact Jo.  All right reserved 1995-2012 - © Jo A. Petit / click here for contact form.